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Zol Zein Shabbes

Yemei HaChanukkah

Diana Shmiana at Jewish Library

Diana Shmiana has performed her edu-taining Jewish shows at day schools, religious schools, preschools, synagogues, JCC’s, and holiday events -- in the Bay Area and beyond.


A smash hit at the CAJE 2001 conference, she has also performed in Israel, Europe, and Kazakhstan.


Diana Shmiana has an extensive background in Jewish education. As a child, she attended an Orthodox religious school thrice-weekly for seven years, several years of Jewish summer camp, and was involved in the Young Judaea youth movement throughout high school. She also has lived in Israel for two years.


Prior to launching Shpiel-o-Rama Productions, Diana worked for years as a Jewish educator, among other pursuits. She spent six years as a performing arts specialist at a religious school, and three years in teen education.


With a show for virtually any Jewish occasion,

join Diana and her lovable friends, including ...


  • Rockin’ Rivka

  • Chef Shalom

  • Detective Daveed

  • Grouchy Golda

  • Bongo Benny, and many others!

Autumn Holidays
Treasure Hunt for the Magic Word

A zany treasure hunt for the Magic Word that opens the gates to the High Holidays! Learn about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succot, & Simchat Torah!

(ages 3-7)



Jewish Book Month (November)
The Book of Wonders

Upon finding a mysterious book, a world of wonders beckons with Jewish tales from around the world, songs, & silliness. Discover the beauty of Jewish stories and literary tradition along with Diana Shmiana!

(preschool - 5th grade)


Torah Time

Heading right back to the source, Diana Shmiana tells Torah Tales with a twist. Breathing new life into ancient stories, she throws in a few tunes for good measure. Optional bibliodrama re-telling of a popular Torah story too!

(grades K-3)



Mystery of the Missing Candles

With the help of a wacky cast of characters, Diana Shmiana embarks on a singing, dancing, storytelling quest for her missing Chanukkah candles...and learns there's more to Chanukkah than presents!

(ages 3-7)


Lights ... Miracles ... Action!

A journey into the Heart of Chanukkah filled with story, song, and shtick.


Tu B'shvat
Telethon Tu B'shvat

Marvel as Diana Shmiana hosts the annual Telethon Tu B'shvat, where a crazy cast of entertainers help her raise 18 shekels to plant a tree in Israel! (ages 3-7)


Tu B'shvat Tales

What do traditional Jewish folktales have to say about environmentalism? Quite a bit! Tales from around the world promoting core values of Bal Taschit and Shomrei Adamah. (K-5)

Megillah Madness

Tune into Megillah Madness, the Purim "game show" where everybody wins! The prize? A special secret about Purim.

(ages 3-7)


A Purim Potpourri

Jewish tales and songs from around the world, all riffing on the themes of Purim.

(grades K-5)

A Spectacular Seder

Diana Shmiana will come lead an experiential, interactive model seder for your students, filled with songs, dancing, and even a "virtual" crossing of the Red Sea!

(ages 3-7)

Yom Ha'atzmaut
Yay for Yisrael

Come One, Come All, to Israel's birthday bash, hosted by Diana Shmiana. Learn about Israel's culture, geography, the Hebrew language, and quest for peace.

(ages 3-7)

Holiday Review
Diana Shmiana's Amazing Adventure
to the Land of Jewish Holidays

All aboard the magic carpet! Come along with Diana Shmiana on a madcap journey to the Land of Jewish Holidays. Along the way you may just visit Rosh Hashana River, Passover Palace, Shabbat Chalet, among other exciting destinations. A joyous celebration of the Jewish holiday cycle featuring highlights from Diana Shmiana's popular shows, this show is a perfect end-of-year event, or for anytime of the year! (ages 3-7)

Princess Pnina & the Pearls

Enter the enchanted Land of Petrozelia in this Shabbat fairy tale. Will petulant Princess Pnina ever find her pearl necklace? Will the magic spell ever be broken, and Shabbat return to the Land of Petrozelia? Will the Princess ever learn that there's more to Shabbat than jewelry? (grades K-3)

Shabbat Shalom

A delightful show for younger kids guessed it: SHABBAT! (ages 3-5)

Tikkun Olam
Tikkun Olam Tales

Stumbling upon mysterious puzzle pieces, Diana must solve the puzzle in order to learn how to fix the world. Can you help her? Blending ancient Kabbalistic lore with multicultural Jewish tales, and a modern message of social responsibility, this program is edutainment at its best: an inspiring and fun show that motivates us all to do our share in Tikkun Olam.

(grades K-5)

Jewish Multiculturalism
Here We Go Round the Jewish World

A Jewish adventure around the globe, with multicultural Jewish stories,

songs, and much much more!

Custom-Made Programs

Have a topic? Diana Shmiana will craft a delightful show

for your special event, family program, or regular day at school.

(ages 3-10)

Workshops for Grownups & Kids

Diana Shmiana offers workshops for children, parents, and educators.

Choose from any of the following: storytelling, puppetry, improv games, clowning, and "How to Fun-ify Your Classsroom Using Clowning and Magic".





“Entertainment with meaning.

  Wonderful teaching from a

  talented clown and storyteller.”


              – Judy Aronson, Principal

                  Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles

“Thank you for sharing your creativity,

  enthusiasm, and your love of Judaism

  with our children.

  Looking forward to having

  you back again.”


        – Rabbi Chuck Briskin, Temple Beth Am

            Los Altos Hills, CA

" It was A+. Fabulous.

  The children loved it.

  A wonderful learning experience

  as well as entertaining.”


              – Sharon Hirshik, Director

                  Temple Israel Center Nursery School

                  White Plains, NY

“Diana Shmiana, you were amazing!

  A fabulous evening of fun and

  silliness. The kids really loved

  your show, and our bookfair committee

  really appreciated your help in

  making it such a successful event.”


              - Jennifer D., mother,

                 Brandeis-Hillel Day School, San Francisco

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